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What To Do When the Accident is Not Your Fault

What To Do After an Accident

Every motorist dreads the day that they might be involved in some kind of car accident. Regardless if you are driving, stuck in traffic, or about to get out of your parked car, crashes can be scary and often frustrating experiences. While at this point we all know what we should do if our actions caused the accident, there is little support when it comes to responding to accidents in which you are not at fault.

Although the process is fairly similar, it requires more attention to the amount of damage to your vehicle and your own injuries. From small accidents to car-totaling crashes, here are some things you can be doing after someone else hits you.

Get the Other Driver’s Information and File a Report

Although Alabama law requires information exchanges for accidents resulting in injury or significant property damage, making this one of your top priorities regardless of the accident can only help you in the long-run. Here is the information you need:

  • Driver name and contact information
  • Driver insurance information
  • Make, model, and color of the car that hit you
  • Any names and contact information of witnesses

If your vehicle was damaged in a hit and run, talk to people in the area to find out what happened and see if there are any security cameras that may have caught the accident or a license plate of who hit you. You can use any of the above information to file a crash report through the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency website or with a police officer on the scene.

Seek Medical Attention

Minor bumps and whiplash may seem like your typical car accident soreness, but leaving them untreated could potentially lead to some more serious injuries. It is always highly recommended to seek medical treatment following a car crash just to make sure that there isn’t something more serious happening.

Likewise, car crashes that resulted in more serious injuries may be subject to more penalties for the at-fault driver. If you were the accident victim and are now dealing with injuries, contact a personal injury attorney to discuss a potential case.

Call Your Insurance Company to Make a Claim

After filing a police report and visiting your medical provider, you will also want to call your insurance company to file a claim. You can use the same information from your crash report but will also want to include any images or videos taken at the scene so that your provider can properly assess the damage.

Alabama law requires that you make your claims for personal injury and property damage within two years from the accident date. It is crucial to act within this time period if you are wanting to recover any damages that may have resulted. During this time, you should be keeping a record of any medical visits related to the crash, as well as any other damages to your vehicle that can be linked back to that accident.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Car crashes can come with some pretty negative consequences, including severe injuries or death. If you or a loved one were the victim of someone else’s negligence in an accident and are looking for representation for your personal injury claim, contact Capps, Gil & Parker, LLC today. Our team of attorneys has a proven track record of success in car accident injury cases and will fight to help you receive maximum compensation. Call (334) 490-6344 to schedule your first consultation.